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1. The FCCC facilities are available to clubs, organizations, and individuals for receptions, meetings, education programs, and social gatherings.

2. Use of the FCCC facilities may be arranged by completing a contract and security deposit. No group may use the facilities without a duly executed contract. Contract shall not be transferred assigned or sublet in whole or in part.

3. The use of the FC&CC kitchen may not be used for the preparation of food, but may be used to keep food warm. You must see the building attendant for assistance in this.

4. Caterer is responsible for all cooking, serving items and any other items that may be deemed necessary for the needs of the meal. No equipment will be provided by the FC&CC except for the Freezer and Refrigerator. These appliances are available for Main Hall rentals only.

5. The building and grounds adjacent thereto are under general supervision of the FC&CC and the City of Fenton. They shall have the authority to restrict the use of the building or grounds when in their opinion such use will be detrimental to the general operations of the facilities. Due to the many community events that take place on the Community Center outdoor grounds the FC&CC and/or the City of Fenton cannot be responsible for its condition. Occasionally there may be signs or tents on the lawn in conjunction with community events. They are to remain in position as long as they do not interfere with the functioning of the event. If signs etc. are to be removed it will be the responsibility of the FC&CC staff to do so. All decorations including the ones out of doors must be removed by the end of the function or event by the Lessee.

6. The Lessee shall be responsible for the following:

(A) Necessary supervision over all persons in the building and adjacent grounds.

(B) Any items wishing to be saved must be removed after event. FCCC staff shall handle all teardown and cleaning of facility including Trash removal.

7. Lessee shall be liable for all breakage, theft, and other damage or loss to property resulting from the occupancy and use of the building and grounds, other than is normal wear and tear.

8. Drunkenness, profanity, fighting or other disorderly conduct is prohibited. Serving of intoxicants to minors is strictly forbidden. In the event that special permits are needed it is the responsibility of the Lessee to make application and obtain for display purposes. The use of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated and authorities will immediately be notified if person or persons are found to be in possession of them.

9. The sale of beer, wine, or alcoholic beverages on the premises is strictly forbidden unless a license is granted by the State of Michigan..

10. Set-up of tables and chairs or other equipment provided under this contract shall be the sole responsibility of the center unless otherwise agreed upon. Layout must be provided 1 week prior to event. .

11. FC&CC assumes no responsibility for any material, equipment, foods or beverages transported to the FC&CC for the purpose of this contract. The Lessee shall be responsible for such removal upon termination of this agreement.  

12. Throwing of rice or use of glitter, or confetti, the use of crepe paper, and cellophane wrapped candy mints are not allowed in the building or on the grounds. This includes artificial flower petals. Use of such material outside constitutes littering. Birdseed may be thrown outside only. Barrels or tubs for ice inside the building must be leak proof. Candles must be in enclosed holders only. No candles are allowed on the stage. Nothing may be attached to any wall or ceiling by any means whatsoever unless Ok’d by FC&CC facility coordinator or director.

13. Music must be terminated at 11:00 pm and the building must be completely vacated by midnight. Whatever is brought into the building must be removed. This includes boxes used for transport of decorations. . 

14. If alcohol is to be served at event; an insurance policy rider must be obtained and presented to the Fenton Community Center Office before event will be allowed to take place. The Lessee’s (or member of the Lessee’s family) homeowners insurance policy rider should state “One million dollars per occurrence.” And the Fenton Community and Cultural Center must be named on the rider. This means that the Lessee is responsible for the alcoholic beverages at the FC&CC which releases the FC&CC and/or the City of Fenton of any responsibility pertaining to the use of alcoholic beverages. .

15. Lessee is permitted use of 1 side only of the sign on the front lawn. It shall read “Congratulations (Name)".

16. If glass breakage occurs do not throw it in the garbage – You must see attendant. Any glass broken or otherwise found in the garbage may result in forfeiture of deposit.

17. Building attendant must light the stove or oven. Anyone who attempts to light the stove or oven themselves will forfeit their deposit.

18. This may not be a complete list of the rules and regulations. For complete list please have a Fenton Community Center staff member e-mail you a complete list.

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